About the School

Our mission is to develop all students to become active lifelong learners and productive citizens in a global society. We strive to develop students who demonstrate mastery of literacy, technological skills, exhibit analytical thinking, and demonstrate exemplary communication skills; acquired through excellence in teaching and modeling in conjunction with a commitment to learning. We will work in partnership with families and local communities, within our safe and nurturing environment.


At Ruby Young, we develop students academically and socially by turning caring into action. We see, we solve, we impact.


I have a purpose for coming to school today. That purpose is to learn as much as I can. I will be a productive citizen by being helpful, not hurtful to anyone. I will strive to demonstrate mastery in all subjects. I will use critical thinking in all situations that I face. I will use my exemplary communication skills to show that I am a life-long scholar who is preparing for a global society. I will show appreciation and respect to all of the teachers who teach me today. And at the end of the day, I will ask myself, Did I fulfill my purpose for today?

ruby youngThe Ruby Young campus  was established in 1964 and named for DeISD educator, Miss Ruby Marguerite Young. She was a third grade teacher with a proven track record of engaging and growing young minds for almost half a century, before retiring in 1980. For more than 50 years, the Ruby Young  campus has remained a beacon of academic excellence, pride and honor for DeSoto ISD  and a place of continual inspiration birthed by this courageous and dedicated woman and constant reminder of the level of greatness to which the DeSoto community is accustomed. 


Ms. Ruby Young


Ms. Ruby Young